Asset Management

During the last three decades, the PRC government has invested heavily in infrastructure construction and established a majority of national and regional road network systems for both expressway and local highway systems. However, the management and maintenance of the highway infrastructures including roads, bridges, tunnels, and other associated facilities are falling behind compared to the developed countries, and there is no well-developed infrastructure management system. Maintaining the proper level of services and ensuring the safety of the infrastructures are challenges facing every infrastructure management authority under limited maintenance funding. Infrastructure asset management is an effective tool for managing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, rehabilitating, and replacing the highway infrastructures, which has been successfully used in the developed countries in the last several decades. The asset management system can help the agencies to better manage and maintain the infrastructures, improve the safety of the highway system, develop a better maintenance plan, and help the agencies make a better decision on the infrastructure management and maintenance. HJI Group asset management team has significant experience from working in asset management projects in North American, China, and other Asian countries, and the team has been helping government agencies to establish the asset management system in the developing countries such as China. The expertise in asset management from the team will help our clients to establish the infrastructure management system to meet the client needs and address the special local condition needs.