Asset Management

Loaned Xiangyang Urban Transport Project

Urban Road Asset Management System Study

Under the construction concept of “Intelligent City”, Xiangyang puts significant effort on improving urban infrastructure, it is necessary to promote the combination of information technology with urban infrastructure management, facilitate integrated big data platform for construction, management, maintenance and operation during the whole period to ensure the safe operation of the urban infrastructure, improve the efficiency of facility management capital, achieve the scientific maintenance management, promote facility’s service level and construct a systematic, and full-coverage urban infrastructure management system.

HJI Group was selected as Urban Infrastructure Asset Management consultants to assist local government on following tasks:

  • Evaluate and review the current urban infrastructure operation and maintenance practice, assess the needs for asset management, operation and maintenance.
  • Develop asset management system functionalities based on the results of project need evaluation.
  • Develop asset management framework and detailed technical specifications for the system development covering system development, data collection, data recording, data analysis, and system upgrade and maintenance.
  • Provide manual for system development, procurement of hardware and software, system testing, operation, maintenance and upgrade, and manual for data collection and training.

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