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Transit Asset Management Group Plan Support to LA Metro

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is a regional transportation planning agency and public transportation operating agency for the County of Los Angeles. Metro operates the second largest public transportation system in the United States and offers both bus and rail services. Metro’s Enterprise Transit Asset Management (ETAM) Department oversees the planning, estimating, scheduling, and staffing for maintaining Metro’s complete Transit Asset Management (TAM) Program.

As a sub-consultant, HJI Group provided the services including:

  1. Helped develop an Excel-based staffing estimating tool that allows Metro to estimate both internal and external staff equivalent requirements to maintain a state of good repair (SGR) for Metro’s existing and future transit assets;
  2. Developed calculation methodologies for various asset group factors and applied to all assets in the TAM database. The tool has great flexibility in changing the job classification distribution in different departments of Metro, as well as for contracted staff distribution;
  3. Applied the tool to Metro’s current 10 Year SGR project list, will allocate the cash flow and distribute the staff estimation to project duration;
  4. Prepared the TAM Plan technical Memo & TAM Plan Users Guide.

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