Enterprise M&A

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) is a kind of trade of enterprise’s property rights. Although M&A incentives of different enterprises may not be the same, normal M&A of enterprises are to extend the market, acquire new technologies or know-how, strength capability, and promote strategic development, etc. HJI Group can provide a full solution of the whole  M&A cycle for enterprises and services for enterprises to achieve M&A objectives. Every stage in the M&A cycle, from screening target companies, signing the letter of intent, conducting due diligence, making final decision and negotiation, confirming payment price and manner, signing transfer agreement, to completing property right handover and announcement to the public, needs professional knowledge and experienced services. HJI Group’s market and industry analysts, financing experts, enterprise auditors, lawyers, and relevant technical specialists can support your enterprise to achieve successful M&A. As a USA company as well as rich business experience in Asia, HJI Group has a strong capacity to serve for your enterprises to reach cross border M&A objectives.

Global Market Strategies

With many years consulting experiences in both developing and developed countries, HJI has extensive capabilities in serving international corporations on global market strategies planning and improvement. Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of our client’s product and services, as well as gain a strong competitive advantage in the industrial. We are specialized in planning the marketing strategies for oversees M&A, we helped our clients adjusted the marketing strategies to adapt to the conditions of target firms’ countries, as well as positioning the brand to tailor to local market.

M&A and Assets Restructuring

The due diligence is the key to a success and low risk M&A decision. HJI has many experiences in performing technical and financial due diligence services for our clients, include target firm product engineering review, production process analysis, cash flow and working capital analysis, income and expense reports, etc. Our experienced professionals have performed many M&A tasks. We are also providing services on post-transaction integration and corporation restructure to maximize the operation efficiency and profitability.

Financing and Investment

As consultants, HJI had performed many financing and investing services to corporations and government entities. The services including identify, screen and negotiate with investors; design the co-financing plans to increase the liquidation. Our financial experts will perform the feasibility studies and profit evaluation based on clients’ daily operation and design the best and lowest risk investment and financing plans. HJI is also specialized in project management, technical review and financial due diligence with M&A.