Municipal Services

The fast economic growth has brought the rapid urbanization throughout the entire country of China, which creates great dements of the build new municipal services as well as to upgrade and rehabilitate the existing municipal services such as water supply, drainage, and sewer, district heating, power, and communication, etc. In addition to the conventional method of the municipal service development, there are many new types of financing for the municipal service development such as PPP, BOT, and DBOT for the construction, operation, and maintenance of wastewater treatment plant, water treatment plant, district heating, etc. HJI Group has maintained a very strong and experienced municipal service professional team with their working experience from the developed countries in North America as well as China and other Asian countries. The HJI Group team has helped numerous municipalities or utility authorities for the planning, design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of various municipal service projects financed by ADB, WB, AFD, KFW, and other international financial institutes, and the team also provided professional services for PPP development in district heating, wastewater treatment plant and other municipal services.