Wetland is a precious natural resource that has significant effects in maintaining and protecting our natural ecological and environmental system. People have recognized the importance of wetland protection to preserve our environment. The wetland protection usually involves wetland delineation, restoration, rehabilitation, and wetland replacement, especially during the construction or development for various types of facilities and infrastructures. HJI Group is a global leading firm in wetland protection and restoration, and the firm has provided top quality engineering and consulting services for various wetland protection projects, including natural wetland restoration, wetland reforests, wetland water system restoration, wetland park development, etc.

Wetland Delineation

Wetlands play an important role in maintaining the overall health and function of lakes, rivers, meadows, and forests which are located among these landscapes, and certain laws and regulations have been established to protect and restore them. HJI Group’s professionals identify the wetland boundary, physically mark the limits of a wetland, and measure the proper buffer zone required by law. Besides, our team of professional also provides extensive service such as identify wetland within project boundary, confirm wetland indicators for the (hydrology, soil, and vegetation) wetland parameters, transfer the information onto a site plan, and finally compile the wetland delineation report.

Our professional biologists and scientists have delineated wetlands in different regions of the world even though standards and regulations differ from country to country.

Water Restoration

HJI Group’s professional team of wetland biologists, wildlife biologists, and soil scientists is uniquely qualified to serve for wetland restoration, which is critical to maintaining wildlife habitat, reestablishes or repairs the hydrology, plants, and soils of a former or degraded wetland that has been drained, farmed or otherwise modified, including:

  • Increase of energy efficiency
  • Decrease of utility cost
  • Improvement of facility management
  • Optimization of operation and maintenance
  • Sustainability
  • LEED® Certification
  • Increase of asset value

Wetland Protection

HJI Group’sHJI Group’s team of professionals can provide the most comprehensive wetland protection services to maintain or attain a high level of overall wetland function/condition and to avoid the adverse impacts associated with the destruction and modification of wetlands:

  • Mapping and assessments for information about the wetlands and threats to their continued functioning;
  • Assessments of current wetlands protection efforts and their limitations;
  • Develop the action plan, including guidance for local governments to support the development of local wetland conservation plans;
  • Develop the monitoring, evaluation and management program and a more proactive approach to wetland protection;
  • Plan mitigation activities and coordinate with wildlife corridor and other environmental protection efforts, and incorporate wetland management into local watershed plans;
  • Build diverse protection capabilities of local agencies, such as water management, land use, and zoning authority, and the capability to respond to cumulative impacts than permitting programs;

Wetland Park Development

Our goal of wetland park development is to enhance the ecological function of the wetland to a world-class facility for conservation, education and tourism. HJI Group’s team of professionals has successfully worked for national-level and state-level wetland park planning and development projects with the achievement of the rich biodiversity, unique ecosystems, and natural beauty.