Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is an important part of the education system, which trains and provides skilled workers, kindergarten teachers, technicians, equipment operators, etc. The TVET system is a critical part of the education system and plays an important role to support the economic development to meet the demands for the great demands of skilled workers and technicians. The TVET was a forgotten sector with less investment and development during the rapid economic development in China. The central government has recognized the problem and made policy adjustment and increased the investment in the TVET sector in the last couple years. HJI Group has a strong and experienced TVET team and helped many local governments and TVET schools in strengthening and improving their TEVT programs and facilities. HJI Group’s goal on education is always student priority, whether we develop a new campus, upgrading an existing one, or partnering with the university to develop transportation system, our goal is never changed: give the best to our students on every possible aspect.

By combining our professional experience with strong comprehensive development solutions, we bring a wide range of unparalleled service to students and universities. “Together we make our world a better place” is the commitment HJI Group makes to create a sustainable future, by integrating the green building design and materials selection, we always put focus toward sustainability with continued evaluation and refining standards.

We know students are our future and their success is always HJI Group’s number one priority.