HJI Group offers top quality consulting services for the energy sector including district heating, energy conservation, renewable energy, power generation, and power delivery systems. The services include planning, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance, quality control, performance monitoring, etc. Our solutions start with the planning and implementation, then last throughout the entire service life of facilities.

HJI Group’s wealth of international experience, the global network of partnerships, engineering expertise, a long history of successful project delivery, accountability and reliability have made us an industry leader in the energy consulting field. Without a doubt, our services deliver our clients the optimal solutions with the best cost effective and all that is needed to ensure cost-efficiency, make reliable schedules, achieve maximum capacity, as well as increase value to the projects of our clients.

District Heating

District heating can reduce long-term energy consumption, mitigate environmental pollution, recover waste heat and lower the heating energy cost. The development of additional and more advanced district heating systems has potential benefits for the community, environment, and economy. Our staff has extensive experience in providing consulting services for district heating systems and has implemented numerous programs and technologies involving energy efficiency, operations optimization, emissions control, and cost savings.

Renewable Energy

Through many years of working in the energy sector, HJI Group experts have participated in numerous projects in involving energy conservation, energy efficiency improvement and the most advanced technologies in the coal, petroleum and natural gas sectors. In an effort of promoting renewable energy, HJI Group has actively participated in projects involving hydro, solar, wind, biomass and geothermal usage.


Our staff members have extensive experience in providing a comprehensive range of water treatment-related services that promote higher water quality and improve the quality of life, not limited to water resource management and water treatment. Over the past several years, not only have we successfully completed numerous consulting services for both drinking and water treatment projects, but we have also been focusing on exploring new and innovative water treatment technologies.