Asset Management

Tajikistan Toll Road Asset Management

The major tasks were designed to modernize capital asset management systems and develop an integrated long-term capital program and financial plan; optimize labor/equipment utilizations and allocations; improve overweight vehicle fine schedules and develop “no passage” load limitations; create an employee retention program based on new performance metrics and modifying salary structures; produce a more efficient vehicle fleet management program; and redesign optimum management and organizational structures and macro-level key performance index(KPI)s.

As the project management team, HJI inspected the entire length of the highway system and visited regional administrative centers, maintenance facilities, tunnel operations centers, toll plazas, weigh stations and other facilities. HJI also assisted the clients to identify areas where innovative road solutions could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations, enhance the reliability and resiliency of the highway system’s capital assets; establish KPIs, and expand the toll roads potential for long-term profitability.

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