Xi’an Urban Transport Project

Xi’an’s growth within the last 15 years has made it clear that their outdated urban transportation system needs improvement.

HJI Group’s long history of construction management, specifically in the urban transport field, fit the requirements of this project perfectly. We assisted the client by ensuring the construction quality of projects. We provided construction management experts with international construction experience to help local construction supervision personnel develop advanced quality assurance/control and supervision procedures. The experts also provided comprehensive training seminars on construction supervision. We assisted our client in developing and implementing a computer-aided contract management system. Organizing, coordinating, and monitoring the construction supervision activities, and settling contractors’ claims were other solutions HJI Group provided. We also undertook the reviewing and certifying of contract variation orders and monthly payments to the contractors, monitoring performance, deadlines, and project progress. In terms of construction management, HJI Group also conducted seminars, assessed the results of these training sessions, and assisted in the development of a risk management plan.

With the ever-increasing number of people needing to transport goods from city to city flexibly, inter-city expressways are a necessity that requires full attention, and quality construction must be ensured.

The Ningxia Communications Department engaged HJI Group for consulting services on a project aiming to construct 182 km of new highway, including tunnels and bridges, between Tongxin and Yanchuanzi (TongYan Highway). Our international specialists have provided construction management services including reviewing pavement, bridge and road safety components of the expressway design, and the traffic management system; advising the PMU on the physical and institutional improvements in those components for the expressway; commenting on road safety; surveying on-site and commenting on the construction; designing and developing PPMS; identifying indicators for monitoring and evaluation socioeconomic and poverty reduction impacts; and training the client and relating institutes in pavement / bridge engineering, road safety design management, and socioeconomic and poverty reduction impacts of expressways.

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