Gansu Roads Development Project

ADB Financed Hunan Road Development III Project

Proper road development is crucial for the transport of goods and population in cities, provinces, and regions throughout China and the world. In Hunan, HJI was awarded the task of construction management, among others, for this $650 million dollar project. The project started in 2007 and lasted for 4 years.

The consulting team provided services in project management and construction supervision, including bridge and tunnel construction, road design safety, audit road asset management; and road maintenance system.

The project consisted of many components, including the construction of a 65, four-lane, access-controlled expressway running from Laoshiling to Chadong at the Chongqing Municipality boundary. It parallels NR319 and is comprised of 11 tunnels, 4 extra-large bridges, 59 large, medium, and small bridges, 4 interchanges with toll stations, and 1 service area. HJI managed the upgrading and improving of two key local arterial roads (one is 91 km long, and the other is 52 km long). We also managed procurement of equipment for road maintenance and safety, toll collection, surveillance and communications, tunnel ventilation and lighting, vehicle axle road testing, and environmental protection. Land acquisition and resettlement was a large part of the project with socioeconomic implications. Overall, HJI provided consulting services for construction supervision, safety audits, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity building.

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