Liaoning Urban Transport Project

Liaoning is currently a hotbed for construction projects, including road, water, and others, and as such, the procurement of top quality materials is fundamental for the future development of the area.

The WB-financed LUTP is a $350 million investment in infrastructure and development. HJI Group assisted the client in the procurement of equipment for the construction of the Anshan Wuyi Interchange – the longest single-span steel box beam interchange in China and Shenyang Gonghe Bridge – an advanced crossing railway cable bridge, as well as the maintenance of more than 100 urban roads and about 20 existing bridges in the cities. The project also includes providing technical assistance on urban infrastructure, public transportation, traffic management, and road maintenance.

The consulting team completed more than 60 bidding and procurement documents in both English and Chinese, which included the construction of new roads and bridges; construction of incidental facilities, drainage, lighting, landscaping, as well as traffic signs and markings; road improvements for bus priority and bus depots construction; reconstruction of facilities for public transportation dispatch and control; civil construction and procurement, installation of machinery and equipment for bus repair plants; civil construction and goods procurement for the tramway; procurement of equipment, vehicles and test equipment for road and bridge construction; and procurement and installation of the traffic management control system (CCTV, RLR and GDS in the cities of Shenyang and Fushun). All the documents were approved by the WB on schedule.

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