Hunan Aizhai Suspension Bridge

Under ADB financed Hunan Road III project, AiZhai Suspension Bridge was one of the key structures in the alignment. The bridge was the longest suspension bridge over a mountain valley in the World. The overall bridge length is 1,534 m with the main suspension span of 1,176 m and two side spans of 242 m and 116 m, respectively. The bridge spans over a deep mountain valley of about 330 m, which is one of the deepest valleys for a suspension bridge in the World. The complicated geological conditions and difficult transportation access imposed many technical and construction challenges for the project, the estimated project cost is $120 million. HJI Group as the project implementation consultants provided consulting services for design reviews, a special study on technologies for suspension bridge design and construction, technical advises, construction technologies improvement, construction monitoring, and project management.

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