TVET Campus Construction

The transition from an academic to a TVET applicable university requires a significant upgrade in infrastructure and equipment of the campus. The emphasis on science and technology courses, which are central to this transition, requires specialized facilities that address this change of focus. Our TVET and technical team will design the TVET campus to accommodate a multilevel TVET system that gives more attention to the purpose-built teaching and learning spaces. In addition, the planned change to a competency-based approach as the medium for instruction and assessment is another dimension that needs addressing through appropriate infrastructure and equipment. This approach will provide more opportunities for students to participate in hands-on instruction and assessment in both simulated and actual learning experiences. It requires more workshops and practical learning spaces. Our team will provide the consulting services to our clients in the construction of TVET campus and arrangement of facilities and equipment which will allow MLT TVET system to function and be responsive to industry-driven demands for knowledge and skills.

Moreover, our team supports the establishment of a green sustainability center within the TVET campus aiming at ensuring sustainable environmental path. The sustainability center will aim at greening TVET campus practices, curriculum development, and community awareness, with a strong focus on low-carbon, energy- and resource-efficient TVET campus management. The center will identify options to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste management in the TVET campus; develop and implement MSW management; and minimization strategy. We also support our clients in defining a TVET campus sustainability and developing the sustainability center with clear strategic objectives and sustainability programs. In addition, the curriculum development will also incorporate green technologies and environmental sustainability, etc. will be fostered and promoted through the sustainability center in a TVET campus.

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