Project Management

Second Ulaanbaatar Service Improvement Project (USIP2)

Small communities in Mongolia often suffer from isolation and poor water supply. The objective of this project is to develop and improve the water supply to the urban poor of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in a sustainable manner. The key indicators of improvement were the number of people served by each kiosk in the project areas, the percentage of kiosks in the project areas which were connected to the pipe network, and financial status of Water Supply and Sewage Authority of Ulaanbaatar (USUG).

HJI Group experts assisted the PMU with overall project management, including technical, financial, environmental, and social aspects, as well as project reporting. The task of the project management consultant (PMC) included all work of procurement assistance, financial management, supervision of construction, quality control, construction management, commissioning of works, and strengthening of Project Management Unit (PMU) capacity. The consultant also reviewed the performance of the PMU and PIU and made recommendations to improve the operational and financial performance to ensure the sustainability of the whole project. The project is comprised of the following components: area water supply, city water supply, energy efficiency improvement, institutional development, and project management.

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