Project Management

Project Preparation for the World Bank Financed Liaoning Urban Transport Project (LUTP)

Liaoning is a burgeoning hub for business on the east coast of China. Therefore, every aspect of ongoing projects, especially procurement, is essential for the city to flourish. HJI Group was selected to prepare bid documents for 20% of the total construction scheduled to be implemented in the first year of this large-scale project.

In total, this project included 31 roads and a bus repair plant in the city of Shenyang; construction of 4 roads, an interchange, and an intersection in the city of Fushun; and construction of 3 roads and an overpass in the city of Anshan.

In addition, HJI Group prepared 4 International Competitive Bidding (ICB) pre-qualification documents and the Beiyi Road ICB document for the Shenyang Project Office for the World Bank’s appraisal (a model document used for the appraisal).

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