Energy Efficiency

Biomass power generation in Heilongjiang-ADB

The development of sustainable cellulosic ethanol power generation requires long-term planning to satisfy the needs of biomass fuels and the environment. Working with the second Danish Cooperation Fund for renewable energy and energy efficiency in rural areas, HJI provided environmental consulting services for this ADB funded project in order to address key barriers, opportunities, and experiences in biomass power generation for Heilongjiang province and the PRC. The consultants joined the ADB mission and were responsible for the overall management, survey, and report preparation in order to develop this green technology project. Local biomass resources were researched and assessed. Pricing structures, financing barriers, and environmental and social implications from previous biomass power generation projects were researched. HJI helped develop a strategy that outlined the sustainable development of biomass power generation and utilization in Heilongjiang. In addition, workshops and conferences were held to increase awareness of biomass power generation benefits for the community and project partners.

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