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The estimate energy cost during production is around 10%, and in special industrial like steel, chemical, and pharmaceuticals the energy cost can be as high as 40%. The energy efficiency in manufacturing is very critical, regarding the high percentage of cost. The potential of energy saving in industrial is a lot greater than other business, if you are a facility owner, there is one simple question you can ask your maintenance manager, what kind of lighting and control system we are using right now? The answer might be some products over 20 years old.

Using HJI Group energy saving solutions, you can increase your products competitiveness by saving cost from energy, we can help you transfer these burden cost into your future asset. HJI Group provides a comprehensive approach to optimize all phases of the production process, which include: Energy audits & assessment, energy efficiency management plans, project management, and implementation, energy performance contract, measurement and verification of savings, plus variable finance approaches.

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