Asset Management

To improve the infrastructure in Sichuan Province, World Bank-financed USD $100 million on Sichuan Small Town Development Project. The project is comprised of two components: (i) Small town infrastructure development; (ii) Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building. Under small town infrastructure development, there are different sectors such as urban road, supply water system, stormwater, and wastewater sewage system, wastewater treatment facilities, etc. To ensure the best implementation of the entire project, HJI Group introduced Asset Management System to local government for more cost-efficient management and planning decisions. The system is designed to optimize and monitor the operation, maintenance, and finance process.

With combining local infrastructure situation and design layout of different sectors, HJI Group refined the system into several sub-modules to meet the clients’ requirements, including: (i) Inventory management system – base modules; (ii) Daily inspection and issue report system – common modules; (iii) Asset evaluation system – critical modules; (iv) Cost accounting system – critical modules ; (v) Asset analysis and maintenance decision system – core modules.

To ensure the best application of the system, HJI Group provided detailed guidelines and training for our clients on system operation, upgrade and maintenance.

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