Project Management

HJI is currently providing the consulting services to our client for integrating flood control plans for both the Wujiang and Fujiang Rivers and specific requirements for each county to reduce flood risks. Similarly, for wastewater and water quality management, the project seeks to fill in key gaps in the wastewater collection and conveyance network and uses natural river bank and dike slope protection designs to maximize the project effects in local water resources protection and water environment improvement. Through providing the project management and implementation support activities, HJI is working closely with our client by aiming at (a) enhancing the design, supervision, and certification of works carried out under the project ; (b) strengthening the capacity of Chongqing at municipal and county levels in the areas of project management, procurement and contract management, accounting and financial management, and environmental and social safeguards; (c) strengthening capacity for operation and maintenance of urban flood and water environment management facilities at the county level through training and development of asset management plans.

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