Project Management

HJI Consulting team has provided our client on project management and construction supervision for World Bank Financed China Wenchuan Earthquake Recovery Project (First Batch): Total investment of Wenchuan Earthquake Recovery (WERP) is USD$450 million to support the restoration and reconstruction of the urban infrastructures in the 15 severely earthquake-hit counties, districts and municipalities involving Mianyang, Guangyuan, Nanchong, Bazhong, and Ya’an in northwest of Chengdu and middle of Sichuan Province. The WERP components involve roads, bridges, water supply plant, wastewater treatment plant, pipeline networks, flood embankments, embankment protection, slop protection, solid waste disposal, and canal restoration. The WERP has been designed for implementation in two batches – the first batch involving 15 subprojects with the Bank’s loan of USD$208 million.

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