Urban Development

Urban development is one of the major economic development driving forces in China for the last several decades. Due to the fast economic growth, a large amount of rural population has mitigated into urban area seeking working opportunities and better life. According to the government projection, the urbanization rate will reach to 70% – 75% by 2020. There is a tremendous need to expand the current urban areas, construct roads, bridges, municipal services for new urban areas and upgrade the existing urban area to accommodate the fast growing urban population and to improve the living condition for the current urban residents. HJI Group has a very strong and experienced urban development professional team who has worked on numerous urban development projects financed by ADB, WB, AFD, KFW and other international financial institutes for many municipalities in the last two decades. The HJI Group professional team has provided high-quality engineering and consulting services from project planning and preparation to implementation as well as operation, maintenance, and monitoring.

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