Transportation is one of the most important necessities in people’s daily life. The interstate expressway connects different parts of the country and even different countries in the world with the fast and convenient highway network. The urban transport provides inner-city residents with a full range of selections of public transport, mass transit, non-motorized traffic network, BRT (bus rapid transit), light rail, urban road network, etc. Transportation is an inseparable part of modern life. HJI Group has become the leading transportation engineers in Asia as well as the world. With years of international and national transportation experience, HJI Group has built a close relationship with our clients including transportation authorities as well as local and federal government agencies. We understand the clients’ objectives, and with the strong and experienced professional engineering and management team, HJI Group has provided top-quality engineering and consulting services over the last two decades. Our completed projects cover a wide range of transportation fields including interstate expressways, high-speed rails, state and local highways, rural and local roadways, mountain roads, urban transport, public transportation, mass transit and regional rails, pedestrian, and non-motorized traffic, etc.

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