Socioeconomic Analysis

Poverty in Asia has been a problem for decades, and HJI Group is doing all they can to help reduce these conditions. ADB provided consulting services for the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction Grant for poverty reduction in rural areas of Tajikistan. HJI Group was selected to participate and lend services to this region in order to alleviate their suffering.

HJI assisted the region to increase household production capacity which will help their families meet their basic needs by improving agricultural production and, in turn, raising incomes. HJI Group also conducted a socioeconomic study on the relationship between power and poverty. This project included three main elements, including increasing agricultural production, improving income-generating opportunities for women and building capacity.

The consulting services for the poverty reduction project included conducting participatory activities for rural poverty reduction in Tajikistan, participating and assisting in explaining project implementation arrangements and ADB procedures, undertaking a participatory study on power and poverty, and joining a fact-finding mission (Tajikistan Power Rehabilitation Project) for this ADB funded project.

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