Socioeconomic Analysis

Along with HJI Group’s socioeconomic studies are invaluable in gauging the depth of impact of a large-scale project. In a global market where results can be vague, bottom lines are contested, and validity is occasionally questioned, HJI Group offers precise and accurate socioeconomic analysis that illustrates exactly how valuable any project is. Our experienced and diligent team considers every variable necessary to determine quantitatively and qualitatively the actual effect of a major project on the local population.

Tajikistan Poverty Reduction Project – ADB Funded

Shaanxi Ankang Road Development Project-World Bank

Inner Mongolia Environment Improvement Project – ADB PPTA (wastewater, district heating and gas supply)


ADB Financed Heilongjiang Road Network Development Project

ADB Financed Heilongjiang Road Development Project II (ADB PPTA)


Gansu Cultural and Natural Protection and Development Project

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