Project Management

China Petrochemical International Co., Ltd. (Sinopec International) sought to establish an International Procurement/E-Commerce System (IPECS). The purpose of the system was to enable electronic commercial trade between Sinopec International and its trading partners. An FS was needed to determine (a) how Sinopec International should invest, organize its business, and train its staff to implement IPECS (strategy) and (b) what type(s) of e-procurement system(s) Sinopec International should implement and in what stages (technical implementation).

Our consulting team: (i) reviewed and assessed current business procedures and systems in relation to Sinopec International’s company operations and international procurement and trading activities; (ii) evaluated different options for investing in e-procurement (design/build, investment partnerships, purchase, leasing, etc.) as well as issues associated with managing the investment/purchase; (iii) suggested e-procurement investment methodologies and options that are available in the marketplace; (iv) conducted financial analysis including hardware and software to be used in the system; (v) analyzed the legal limitation in both China and United States to develop such a system; (vi) prepared a financial plan and an implementation plan for the project; (vii) prepared a final feasibility study USTDA and SINOPEC.

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