Socioeconomic Analysis

The World Bank financed Shaanxi Ankang Road Development Project (SARDP) aimed to upgrade the transportation network and road facilities in the south of Shaanxi Province. The project set out to enhance road infrastructure capacity and network integration along the corridor of Ankang-Maoba and to improve the interconnectedness and quality of the province’s transportation infrastructure by linking rural roads with main highways, especially in the Ankang region. Connecting rural areas with the prosperity experienced by urban centers will be achieved by developing channels of transportation to and from mainline trunk roads such as the Ankang-Maoba Expressway. The SARDP includes construction of 87 km Ankang-Maoba Expressway and upgrading or construction of 28 rural roads with a total of 1480 km.

HJI Group worked with a team of specialists from the Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences and provided socioeconomic consultancy services. The team studied the impact of the road improvement project on the socioeconomic and transportation conditions in the province. The consultants defined the methodology and the data collection sample for this study in addition to conducting baseline and follow-up surveys during the course of the project. The information obtained from these collaborative socio-economic studies was crucial to understanding and assessing the benefits and results of the road improvement project for one of the poorest regions in China.

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