Infrastructure Planning

This project includes: 1) an air pollution mitigation plan (an integrated strategy for the mitigation of air pollutants and greenhouse gases); 2) SO2 emission specification and compliance assessment; 3) establishing emission standards for power plants in Mongolia;4) technical training and technology transfer; And 5) demonstration projects and management practices.

The objectives of this advisory service are to ensure: 1) to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce air pollution across borders by improving energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources; 2) strengthen environmental cooperation among countries in northeast Asia sub-region;3) improve technology level through technology transfer and provide cross-border pollution prevention and management level; 4) improve the pollutant emission management capacity of coal-fired power plants in Mongolia by establishing emission standards.

Consulting services include: 1) develop integrated air pollution and greenhouse gas mitigation plans for sub-project 1 ; 2) develop SO2 emission specification plans and specific activities for sub-project 2; 3) develop emission standards of Mongolian power plants for sub-project 3 based on international standards; 4) conduct training, seminars and visits to sub-project 4 for capacity building and technology transfer, and prepare policy notes; 5) select pilot cities and formulate implementation plans and action plans for sub-project 5 by using win-win method. 

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