Environmental Protection

The project consists of the following tasks: i) inventory verification and suggestions on how to improve inventory systems; ii) air pollution abatement plans (integrated strategies for mitigating air pollution and greenhouse gases; iii) SO2 and particular matter (PM) emission regulation and compliance; iv) Mongolian power plant emission standards; v) technical training and knowledge transfer and dissemination; vi) demonstration project and management modules.

The objectives of the consulting assignment are to provide adequate study and consulting services to ensure i) trans-boundary air pollution will be mitigated and CO2 emission will be reduced by installing control equipment, energy efficiency improvement and application of renewable energy; ii) environmental cooperation among countries of the North-East Asia sub-region will be enhanced; iii) technical capacity and knowledge transfer regarding prevention and management of trans-boundary pollution will be improved; iv) capacity for management of coal-fired power plant emissions in Mongolia through development of emission standards will be enhanced.

Our consulting service includes five components: (i) Component 1: preparing integrated plans for mitigating air pollution and GHG; (ii) Component 2: preparing plans and concrete activities for SO2 emission regulation and compliance; (iii) Component 3: preparing Mongolian power plant emission standards in international standards; (iv) Component 4: conducting trainings, workshop, study tours to build capacity and disseminate knowledge and preparing a policy note; (v) Component 5: preparing plans and concrete activities for the application of the co-benefits approach at selected demonstration cities.

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