Project Management

An earthquake of 7.0 magnitude hit the Lushan country on April 20, 2013. The project aims to improve access to disaster resilient infrastructure and strengthen risk reduction and emergency preparedness in the earthquake-stricken districts and counties through construction and reconstruction of rural roads of 48.5 km (30 miles); pipeline networks of 120.5 km (75 miles); emergency shelters of 140,572 m2; flood embankments of 5.9 km (3.7 miles); a water supply plant of 2,500 t/d (660,430 gallon/d); associated bridges and culverts; landscaping; asset management; disaster risk management, LID/Green infrastructures and capacity building development.

As a program management consultant, HJI’s Group scope of work includes engineering design review, procurement, and contract management, overall construction management and QA/QC, asset operation and management (O&M) improvement to assure a disaster resilient design, high quality, on-schedule and within budget construction, and functional and sustainable O&M of the facilities constructed including capacity development and training.

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