Infrastructure Planning

The $350 Million Liaoning Urban Transportation Project includes the cities of Shenyang, Anshan and Fushun. The project includes the construction and maintenance of the longest single span steel box beam interchange in China (Anshan Wuyi Interchange), the advanced crossing railway cable bridge (Shenyang Gonghe Bridge), and more than 100 urban roads and more than 20 existing bridges in the cities. HJI’s consulting team completed the project management, construction supervision, and bidding document preparation.

HJI’s team successfully completed all the consulting services. Including contract management, site supervision, progress review and cost control. The consulting team also completed more than 60 international and domestic competitive bidding documents (including civil engineering and equipment procurement) based on the review of design drawings. The bidding documents include technical specifications, quantity of labor and daily labor lists, and drawings attached to the proposal. All the documents were approved by WB in time.

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