Infrastructure Planning

The project includes three parts: urban transportation improvement, environmental protection, and urban central heating. The goal of the traffic improvement part is to eliminate transportation bottlenecks and to ease traffic congestion, improve the accessibility of urban traffic network and enhance the urban traffic planning capability. The project includes the construction of new roads, the maintenance and renovation of existing roads, bus priority, traffic safety, and institutional management capacity improvement.  

The project includes 16 retro-loan subprojects with a total budget of 740 million CNY, including the construction of new roads and bridges, as well as the maintenance and renovation of old roads, including an underpass bridge with a drainage pumping station across the railway (construction using box culvert).
HJI’s consulting services include:  

(1) preparation of 16 bidding documents that meet the requirements of WB and Chinese regulations, including technical specifications, list of quantity of labors and drawings attached to the proposal; (2) participate in the contract negotiation as the consultant of the client; (3) provide technical support to the client for construction supervision and other related work, including (a) establish construction procedures; (b) review of design changes; (c) review of monthly project progress reports, etc.  

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