Environmental Protection

Jiangsu Environmental Protection Department (EPD) sought to establish: (1) an automatic air monitoring system; (2) an automatic water monitoring system; (3) an environmental information processing system in Jiangsu Province of China. The systems are comprised of more than 120 monitoring substations, six mobile monitoring labs and a data processing and analysis center to monitor air and water quality throughout the province. HJI Group, supported by a USTDA grant, successfully conducted the feasibility study (FS) for the project. Our consulting services included: (1) Review and evaluation of existing air and water quality monitoring capabilities, organizational structure and institution management procedures; (2) Evaluation of selected air quality monitoring substations and their locations, determination of parameters recommended to be monitored at various air quality monitoring locations; (3) Identification of water quality monitoring locations and determination of parameters recommended to be monitored at various water quality monitoring locations; (4) Selection of automatic air and water quality monitoring instruments; (5) Recommendations of technology for automatic monitoring data collection, processing, distant transmission and real-time data acquisition; (6) Recommendations of software and hardware for project management.

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