Infrastructure Planning

Jiangsu Environmental Protection Bureau plans to establish: 1) automatic air monitoring and control system; 2) surface water quality automatic monitoring and control system; 3) environmental monitoring information system. It includes the establishment of 120 automatic monitoring sub-stations, 6 mobile monitoring stations and 1 data processing and analysis center to accomplish the automatic monitoring of surface water quality and environmental air quality in Jiangsu province.

HJI’s Group services scope include: 1) reviewing and evaluating the current status of water quality and air quality monitoring capabilities in Jiangsu province (reporting institutions and personnel); 2) evaluate the selected air quality monitoring sub-stations and determine the monitoring location and monitoring parameters; 3) confirm the selected sub-stations for water quality monitoring and determine the monitoring location and monitoring parameters; 4) select automatic monitoring instruments for water and air quality; 5) recommend methods of automatic monitoring data acquisition, processing, long-distance transmission and analysis; 6) recommend software and hardware for the monitoring system.

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