Socioeconomic Analysis

Inner Mongolia is in dire need of development, as the lack of modern technology is causing problems with air quality and health concerns amongst the population. The rural towns and communities must upgrade their facilities, improve their infrastructure and enhance their piping networks in order to alleviate the suffering in the region.

HJI Group was selected to consult the provincial government in environmental impact analysis, strategic analysis, economic and financial analysis, technical review, as well as poverty and socioeconomic analysis. We assisted the client in identifying subcomponents in order to benefit the poorer population.

This project consists of four main components: introduction of Changqing natural gas into Wuhai City and the Linhe District in Bayannur via long-distance transmission pipelines; natural gas distribution systems and networks in Wuhai City, and seven counties of Bayannur; central heating supply systems in the seven counties of Bayannur; and central heating supply system in Wuhai City; and wastewater treatment plants in Bayannur. The main natural gas pipeline exceeds 400 km and the sewage collection network pipelines exceed 40 km.

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