Infrastructure Planning

HJI  Group Corporation won the contract of WB Financed Hubei Xiaogan Logistics Infrastructure Projectand signed the contract on September 27, 2017.

The cost of the project is approximately 960 million RMB, withUS$ 100 million (around 640 million RMB) loan from IBRD. The objective of the project is to strengthen the logistics business connectivity and efficiency of Hubei Xiaogan Logistics Park.The project includes three urban roads and ancillary facilities, a logistics information management building, a public logistics information platform, an intelligent transportation system, institutional technical assistance and management support, etc. The project is implemented through three subprojects: (i) connection channel; (ii) efficient logistics; and (iii) institutional optimization.

HJI Group provides project management consulting services and technical supports for the project implementing agency, including the project’s technical program demonstration, design, procurement, implementation, contract management, loan payment, progress report, translation and other work, so that the implementation process of the project better complies with WB loan policy and management procedures to improve the project quality and efficiency, in order to achieve the overall objectives.

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