On Oct 31, 2016, HJI Group was awarded the preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) of Heilongjiang Jiamusi Irrigation and Drainage System Modernization Project. The project is designed to make agricultural production in Jiamusi Municipality be efficient and environment-friendly and enhance national food security.

The major output of the PPTA will be a project design, which responds to the government’s needs and fulfills ADB requirements. The PPTA will (i) assess the technical feasibility of the project; (ii) analyze the economic and financial feasibility of the project; (iii) conduct social and environmental assessments, prepare safeguard documents, and gender and social action plans; (iv) assess capacity of the executing and implementing agencies for financial and procurement management; and (vi) prepare project implementation schedule and arrangement required to undertake due diligence in technical, safeguards, economic and financial, and poverty and social areas. The PPTA will result in four outputs:(i) modernized irrigation and drainage system; (ii) increased flood-carrying capacity and reduced nonpoint source pollution; (iii) strengthened and inclusive institutional capacity; and (iv) improved project implementation capacity. 

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