Capacity Building

HJI Group provided world-class institutional and financial expertise and made vital improvements to the institutional, managerial, financial and operational efficiency of five water and wastewater treatment companies in Hebei, China. Our first mission is to ensure the project’s sustainability. HJI Group further provided assistance to public departments and agencies that were in charge of supervising and regulating various agencies within the project to help reform their relationship with the wastewater treatment companies, allowing them a more independent role.

The key consulting services include assisting in the development of business strategy, business plans, and the planning and information systems; establishing standards of service, setting and monitoring of performance targets, plus establishing a framework for a performance contract with the supervising municipal government organization, allowing for genuine autonomy of management within the scope of agreed plans and targets; reviewing company organization and developing manpower; forging human resource policies appropriate to autonomous enterprise companies; proposing the scheme of market-oriented institutional reform for the drainage companies and wastewater treatment plants; supporting and initiating operation of computerized accounting and financial information reporting systems, reviewing the revision of water supply charges, billing and income collection systems to achieve full operating cost recovery; identifying and implementing operational cost saving initiatives; assessing the existing systems for collection; maintenance of spatial and non-spatial data in the project companies; identification of staff, training and equipment requirements to implement the next stage of the projects GIS and MIS action plans.

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