Environmental Protection

In Guangdong, water quality and treatment is one of the utmost importance. For the Pearl River Delta, the World Bank financed a large urban environmental project focusing on wastewater management and development. This project improved the water quality in the Pearl River delta and the living conditions in Guangzhou as well as protected drinking water sources to reduce health risks.

The tasks in which HJI Group successfully aided the client were comprehensive. They included the review of the technical specifications of equipment, bills of quantity, contract drawings, pipe layout and profiles in the contract. Additionally, HJI Group provided verification of the processing equipment’s performance, the physical dimensions of the equipment in the contract drawings and ensured there is no discrepancies existed between the technical specifications, bills of quantities and contract drawings.

This World Bank-financed project consisted of construction of the Liede Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Dashadi Wastewater Treatment Plant and improvement of the Four Drainage Catchments. The services for procurement included the completion of technical specifications, bills of quantities and contract drawings. The consultant team reviewed the procurement documents to verify the conformance with World Bank’s guidelines and China’s regulations.

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