Urban Development

In 1990, the first International Eco-city Conference was hosted at University of California – Berkeley, the conference was focused on urban sustainability problems, over 700 participants submitted their proposals on how to best reform cities to work with environmental means. Since then, the world “Eco-city” is the ultimate goal of urban design.

In 2016, Chinese Government associated with Singapore Government to develop the project of Tianjin Eco-city, HJI Group was selected as the project management consultants assisting local government and World Bank to achieve economic, environmental, and social sustainability by taking an integrated approach to developing a new urban area from the outset in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The services HJI Group offered includes:

     ❖ Reduce carbon waste

     ❖ Produce energy through renewable resources

     ❖ Merge the city harmoniously with the natural environment

     ❖ Obtain continued and sustainability economic growth

     ❖ Reduce poverty area

     ❖ Use higher population densities design

     ❖ Prepare detailed public transport network and incremental service delivery plan

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