High-Speed Rail

With years of experience, HJI Group has successfully developed a distinct management strategy for the large-scale high-speed rail project. Our expert who has diverse skills and substantial experience adhere to effective strategy: Innovative, On time and on budget delivery of project requirements set for by our customers. Additionally, we met the objectives while upholding the highest standards for safety and quality.  With a reputation of delivering projects anytime and anywhere, we are frequently called on by customers to provide project management services.

Our construction management team’s goal is to assure the construction quality, progress, cost, safety, energy, and environmental objectives were met industrial standards. Our advanced construction management tool is to improve the efficiency and flexibility of these large-sized projects as well as to increase the site safety and reduce risk. Our scheduling experts will communicate with clients on what tasks need to get done and which organizational resources will be allocated to complete these tasks in the desired timeframe. The budget control is the key to construction management, not only we have experienced on-site inspectors, but also our financial specialists will help our clients to develop and improve the budget planning and monitoring process to ensure the continuity of the project implementations.

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