Construction Management

HJI Group  has been provided construction supervision services for a portion of the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed Passenger Dedicated rail Line (PDL). The Guizhou Section in Shanghai-Kunming Railway PDL has been constructed starts at the boundary between Hunan and Guizhou provinces and goes west to Yunnan province through Yuping, Sanhui, Kaili, Guiding, Guiyang, Pingba, Anshun, Guanling, Pu’an, and Panxian in Guizhou Province. Its length in Guizhou is 559.473 km in each direction. Bridges and tunnels account for 81.03% of the Guizhou Section (the proportion is 92.81% during the section from Guanling Station to the Boundary). There are 12 stations. The average distance between stations is 48.62 km, with the longest being 92.318 km (Sanhui to Kaili South) and the shortest being 10.08 km (Guiyang East to Guiyang North). The Guiyang North Station is the starting station, and the rest are intermediate stations.

HJI Group is responsible for supervising the section from Qingzhen East west to the exit of Mazhai Tunnel through Pingba South and Anshun West. The main track is 86.813 km in each direction. The total construction period is approximately between 48 months and 66 months with a total supervision contract value over the U.S. $11.3 million. Our team of international experts and consultants will provide consulting services throughout the project lifecycle. HJI Group’s input is projected at 246 person-months over the entire project period.

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