Energy Efficiency

HJI Group was contracted to perform planning and feasibility study for Chongqing Municipal Government to improve and upgrade their logistics infrastructures for achieving energy conserving and environmentally green logistics system development.

The Project has been designed to demonstrate an integrated and energy efficient green logistics system construction while incorporating energy saving, innovative and intelligent technology application and social considerations in planning and development.

The design of the two logistics parks has fully incorporated the concepts of ecologically green logistics park development based on the principles of ecological and environmental protection, energy saving, and green development, including to i) design building to fully use natural ventilation; ii) provide more green cover for the parks; iii) use permeable pavers to increase infiltration; iv) use of LED light to save energy; v) use of energy saving construction materials, such as doors and windows; etc. The buildings in the logistics park are designed and certified for Chongqing Gold Star Green Building that is comparable to US LEED standards.

The energy conserving green logistics parks have been designed that fulfill low energy consumption, low pollution and low carbon emission in its whole process and its life circle. In addition, these are a new type of parks based on the concept of circular economy and industrial ecology principles to bear a highly efficient economic process and harmonious ecological function.

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