Capacity Building

HJI Group and our associates have offered consultation and project management expertise in numerous countries around the world. One of our strongest areas of expertise is developing sustainable and environmentally sound best practices through in-depth training programs.

Our project teams are engaged in securing the knowledge and skills required to foster a community’s independence, self-reliance, autonomy, and ability to sustain itself into the future. HJI Group concentrates on the most essential tools and fundamental skills, as they are the key to the success of technical workshops and information dissemination in rural communities.

Liaoning Environment Improvement Project -ADB Loan

Technical Assistance for Institutional Capacity Strengthening of Chaoyang District Water Authority, Beijing – World Bank Loan

Anhui Hefei Urban Environment Improvement Project

Hebei Urban Environment Project – Package A – Institutional Strengthening(World Bank)

Natural Disaster Risk Management in Jiangxi

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