Energy Efficiency

The project is to enhance the affordability of wastewater reuse with an energy efficiency (EE) option and therefore encourage replacement of freshwater. The project output is to improve capacity for energy efficiency in the wastewater treatment and reuse, through an energy audit, energy management enhancement, training, workshop, and policy recommendations. The project outcome will be policy dialogue based on the recommendations so that more municipalities will implement wastewater reuse policies. After the comprehensive energy audit, the target electricity consumption is shown below:

NO. Name Unit 2013 2014 2015
1 Target Electricity   Consumption kWh 11,611,195 11,387,987 15,092,425
Target Electricity   Consumption kWh/m3 0.165 0.160 0.200

After comparing the data and identifying energy saving potentials, HJI Group prepared a professional energy management proposals on developing energy efficiency solutions, our service includes two main aspects, on the technical side, we provide technical guidance during the implementation of proposed improvement measures; Monitor energy saving after implementation; Provide policy recommendations on enhancing using of reclaimed wastewater as a strategic water resource. On the other side, we prepare a comprehensive capacity development program and training sessions; Organize knowledge-sharing workshop.

With continued monitoring and improvement, the real data was collected during 2013-2015, shows like below, which verify the accuracy of our previous energy audit results.

NO. Name Unit 2013 2014 2015
1 Real Electricity Consumption kWh 11,389,694 12,849,241 15,179,300
2 Real Electricity Consumption     Intensity kWh/m3 0.159 0.175 0.179
3 Real Waste Water Volume m3 71,425,000 73,382,000 84,694,000
4 CO2 Emission t CO2/mWh 0.9183 0.9183 0.9183


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