Environmental Protection

Population growth and economic development have caused an increase in the demand for many basic resources, leading to increased population of the environmental all around the world. HJI Group offers a wired range of consulting services in the environmental, health, and safety sectors across the world.The project is designed with the objectives to improve urban environment in three districts of Baishan city, through construction/reconstruction of one water treatment plant and three sewage treatment plants.

HJI Group serves as client’s technical advisory consultant, HJI’s scope of work includes feasibility study and engineering design review to assure technical soundness and financial viability in meeting national codes and standards and good practices. HJI provided the following services:
     (1)  Analyze the water efficiency of the existing supply/distribution systems
     (2)  Justify the need for the proposed new treatment capacity and the network extensions/reinforcements.
    (3)  Evaluate the existing wastewater systems including state of repair, quality of operation, capacity to meet existing needs, need for rehabilitation, and upgrade & extension
     (4)  Analyze raw water and wastewater qualities that will feed the future wastewater treatment plants

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