Infrastructure Asset Management Systems(IAMS)

The management and maintenance of infrastructures are very important components in preserving the infrastructures and extending their service life. The life cycle of infrastructures consists of planning, design, implementation and construction, management and maintenance. The new cycle will start with the planning for rehabilitation and replacement, follows by implementation and construction as well as the management and maintenance. The key to lowering the infrastructure cost is to extend the infrastructure service life and reduce the life cycle cost for the infrastructures. Asset management is the most effective tool in managing and maintaining the infrastructures, reducing the life cycle cost, and extending the infrastructure service life. The system has been successfully used in the developed countries for over four decades and has been proven very effective to maintain the level of services and reduce the maintenance cost for infrastructures such as highways, roads, and bridges, urban infrastructures, various structures, and facilities. HJI Group has a very strong and experienced asset management team and has successfully introduced the asset management system to China. With the strong international asset management experience obtained through the extensive working experience in the developed countries, the HJI Group’s asset management team has provided top quality consulting services to help government agencies and transportation authorities to establish the infrastructure asset management systems, and to improve and upgrade the infrastructure management and maintenance system in China.

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