Socioeconomic Analysis

Roads are the lifelines of any city, and without them, isolation can strangle the community. Projects such as the Heilongjiang Road Development Project are doing much to give access to smaller provinces in the north of China, and HJI Group is involved wholeheartedly.

HJI Group assisted the client in assessing the changes of improved roadways on the local community by monitoring and reporting the affected areas. Using surveys and various data collection techniques, HJI examined the true benefits to the population. With this information, the client was able to make important decisions about what methods were useful and continued to successfully implement the project.

The proposed project will involve the construction of the west part of the Qianfeng Farm to the Nenjiang corridor, which will provide the direct point of access from Yichun to Nenjiang. It will include a new expressway from Yichun to Bei’an and will create 363.4 km of high-class highway, forming part of the Qianfeng Farm. Sections of this project will cover a 175 km access-controlled four-lane expressway from Yichun and Bei’an, construct a 60 km expressway with a speed limit of 100 km per hour between Bei’an and Wudulianchi along the existing class II highway; it will also upgrade the existing 110 km gravel road to a two-lane class II highway between Wudulianchi and Nenjiang. It will also create an 18.4km class I highway including a bridge across the Nen River – the missing link between Nenjiang and the border with Inner Mongolia. The entire project estimated to cost 1 billion dollars. 

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