Infrastructure Planning

Baiyin City was established in the 1950s under the planned economy, mainly as the base to support development and production of Baiyin Nonferrous Metal Corporation, which used to be the top copper mining company in the PRC. It accounted for about one-third of the overall national nonferrous metal production. Over the past 50 years, Baiyin City has developed into an important national center for nonferrous metal mining, smelting, and initial processing. However, due to the mining resource has been exhausted and the mining industry has been shrinking significantly since the 1990s. The municipal government faced the challenge for the economic transformation from mining industry centered local economy to diversified manufacturing and production based new economy. ADB got involved in helping the government to establish economic development zone to bring in chemical productions and to help the city to update its urban infrastructures to facilitate development. The ADB financed project will assist the municipal government in preparation and planning work to establish the new industrial park as well as the upgrade and expansion of the urban area. The engineering and planning work included urban planning, infrastructures development, environmental impact assessment, land acquisition resettlement analysis, social safeguard and monitoring, etc. HJI Group was selected as the PPTA consultants to assist the Baiyin Municipal Government and finalize the design of the project in accordance with ADB and government project development policies and procedures, and completed all ADB and government required project preparation documents, and assisted the government to get the project approved and ready for the implementation.

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