October 2016, a technical exchange workshop and business development conference on energy performance services were hosted in HJI Group Costa Mesa corporate center. Participated are key technical staff on energy efficiency, chief financing advisors and corporate executives at the workshop. HJI Group’s relevant energy efficiency improvement projects were reviewed and market perspectives were discussed. Based on HJI Group recent successful energy efficiency accomplishments, the decision was made to expand our services to cover more sectors on the energy audit, retrofit, and energy performance contract (EPC).

Case studies were conducted on modern green building concepts for Tianjin Eco-city and Chongqing logistic projects. Participants, very encouraged by the positive feedback from both the clients and investors worked out an action plan to further expand our energy services in the US and globally.

During the conference, the technical team provides detail information on the latest technology and design concept of energy efficiency and green buildings. The chief finance advisor analyzed market trends and potentials. Our current energy services include Energy Phase I and Phase II Audit, project management, equipment retrofitting, system updating and design, finance options, partnerships with owners and so on. The value of our services is to help our customers make a better decision on reducing their operating costs and meeting LEED or relevant federal and state standards.

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